Tuesday 10 April 2012

Energy and CAMHS

Hey:) attached a good picture, things not to say to someone with ME.
So exhausted. Had a CAMHS appointment at 9:30 this morning and didn't get out till 11:30. I'm not sure it really helped the M.E seeing as CAMHS doesn't deal with stuff like that. But hopefully they will help with my anxiety. I'm not entirely convinced with some of the stuff they said but a few things made sense.
The other day I was thinking about how I used to be and I would like to share with you, one day that I experienced two years ago. Here's the story:

I was in year 8 at school and had a trip to Horniman Art Gallery and Museum in London. That morning, I got up about 7, got dressed, had breakfast, the usual. I walked 10 mintues, to the bus stop and got on the bus to school. The journey took about 20-25 minutes. On the bus, I met my friends, we chatted and laughed. When I got off the bus, I walked down the hill, 5-10 minutes to school. Once at school, we waited around a bit and the teachers took the class register. We got on the coaches and the journey to the art gallery took about 100 mins (1 hour 40 mins), again, on the coach, I chatted with my friends, listened to my iPod etc. When we got to the museum, we went round an aquarium, museum, art gallery, gardens etc. I think we stayed about 5 hours and did a fair bit of walking, taking notes and answering questions. The journey back to school took about the same amount of time as it did to get there. We arrived back at school and walked up to the bus stop to catch the bus. Once on the bus, me and my friend Lois took the 30 minute journey back to her house. Once at her house, we watched TV, did homework and had dinner. Then we went with her mum and sister to the local community centre/working mens club. Her mum was part of Slimming World and we usually went with her, sat in the next room, playing pool and drinking coke with our other friend Eleanor. I'd go home about 8:30, shower and then bed! It seems so much compared to what my body allows me to do at the moment! Hopefully I will be able to manage stuff like that again soon!


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