Sunday, 14 April 2013

Favourite Spoonie Blogs

My Top Spoonie Blogs

Hi Guys,
Todays post is going to be all about my favourite 'Spoonie' blogs. So lets crack on!

  • Bendy Beth - I love Beth so much. We first started talking on twitter over a year ago now (how time flies when you are having fun!) and she is always there for me. Thank you Beth!
  • Laughing from my sickbed - Irene is one of the strongest women i know. I hope she doesn't mind me saying this but she has been ill for over 30 years and continues to carry on fighting. She is very strong-minded and her blog is amazing if you want advice, information and laughs.
  • Fight ME Strong - Charlotte is amazing and so positive and inspirational. A lovely gorgeous girl who i am proud to be friends with.
  • Sick Girl Diary - I first found Kelly on Youtube, and can i just say, I luuurve her Youtube channel. She has the best spoonie videos and is so positive and inspirational.
  • Mookpixie -  I found Charlotte on twitter and then saw her blog after that. She is such a lovely girl and her posts are so helpful.
Okay, so they are some of my favourite spoonie blogs, sorry i couldn't include them all but please let me know what some of your favourite spoonie blogs are as i would love to find some more!