Tuesday, 27 May 2014

College Update - May 2014

I can't believe that I've been at college for nearly a year and that I've almost come to the end of my time there. I really loved it and I feel like it was a big achievement for me compared to how I was this time last year and this time two years ago too! It's easy to forget that I went from having a home tutor for a couple if hours a week to going to college with a lot of noise and bright lights and people (even if I didn't manage it most of the time!) 

It's great to be able to feel like my old self again, even if it's only for a few hours and I really enjoyed being with people my own age. I really loved it so much and got so upset when I couldn't go. I think at the same time, being at college made me realise even more, what I was missing, not being a normal teenager and not being able to join in. 

It was also hard to explain to people about my illnesses and although everyone was open to learning about ME and fibromyalgia. I'm not sure anyone understood how much it affects my day to day life, which isn't their fault, they are hard to understand illnesses, especially as I look fine. 

I think the downside of going out and pushing myself to do things that I'm not really well enough to do is that it can make people think there is nothing wrong with me and that because I am able to do it once, I must be able to do it every day. I guess in that sense, I'm not really helping myself because I'm not supporting the things that I'm telling people but I guess if they are true friends, they will understand and I did meet some really great friends at college who I hope I can stay in touch with. 

As I said, I'm not going to college next year so if anyone has any suggestions to any online courses or anything I can do, please let me know, I'd be really grateful! 
Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nude-Pink Lips for Spring

(L-R Avon, Rimmel, NYX.) 

Let's be honest, you can't go wrong with a nude-pink lip. These shades are perfect to chuck in your handbag, apply in the go or wear when you don't know what colour to go for. I think they look amazing with a tan and are great for in the day with a more natural make up look or at night with a smokey dramatic eye. 

Avon lipstick in Rose Light 

NYX MegaShine Lipgloss in Beige

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 101

The 'Grown Up' Pink

As you know, i am totally in love with the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnishes, so when I found out they were bringing out three new pastel shades for spring, I had to pick some up. The baby pink shade, Rose Hip is the one I was most drawn to and I love the fact that it's a pastel pale pink without being too young, and bubblegum -esque! It's grown up and still girly and perfect for spring. 

Change of Diet - 2 week update

I was intending to do a weekly update on my new diet, or "change of lifestyle" should I say but I missed te weekly point so two weeks it is! The hardest thing has definitely been the sugar cravings, especially at 'that time of the month', girls I know a lot of you will be with me on that one! 
I've also struggled with eating out. For example, if my family are having fish and chips at the beach, what do I eat from the fish and chip shop? I will of had salad for my lunch so don't really want to eat the exact same for my dinner! 
Another thing I've been struggling with is flavour and finding ways of making my meals taste different and seem exciting. 
I think I've lost a bit of weight, I never weight myself and I have measured myself or anything like that so can't give you the exact facts or figures but I've definitely noticed a few changes. 
I'm a lot less bloated and haven't felt sick or had any stomach problems since. I think cutting out bread and carbs has made me feel a bit better and I've noticed how ill certain foods do make me feel, it's hard to tell when you're eating them all the time! 
I'm not gonna lie, I have had a few things that aren't on my diet plan but I've figured that that's okay, one ice cream is not going to kill me and I'm going to stick to the plan and be good 99% of the time. 
I've been liking the Nakd Bars, the apple pie and the berry cheeky ones are my faves but I like the cocoa one too! 
So that's it for my two week update, let me know of any foods or recipes you think I might be able to try.

Chloe xo

Blue Sunday - ME Awareness

Today, as part of ME Awareness week, ME sufferers and their families all got together to have a 'Blue Sunday' tea party. And basically, it's exactly what it sounds like. We ate cake and drank tea and photographed our tea parties to share with each other online. 

It's still technically Sunday so it's never too late to join in. 
Here are a few snaps from my Blue Sunday tea party...

Me, my mum, brother and sister joined in, sat on our blue picnic blanket, with our blue cups, plates and mugs. (Blue is the ME awareness ribbon colour) We had tea, Victoria sponge, scones and gingerbread men. 

Happy Blue Sunday!! 

The Budget Cleansing Balm

I've mentioned (and declared my love for) this cleansing balm by Boots Botantics before but I love it so much so that I've dedicated a whole post to it! 
I bought my first tub of this back in August last year. I'd been reading and hearing about the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm from bloggers and Youtubers for a while and wanted to test out the idea of using a balm/oil to break down my make up at the end of the day but didn't want to splash out on something too expensive. 

At first, I hated the smell. It's very 'natural' smelling and herbal and I really didn't like it. But after a while, I got used to it and if I'm honest, 9 months down the line, I really like the smell!

I love the balms ability to break down all your make up and leave your skin feeling super plump and soft and hydrated. It's not stripping at all and doesn't leave your skin feeling super tight like some gel or foaming cleansers. 

Using a hot flannel or muslin cloth (you get a free cloth with the balm) you can remove all your make up, even waterproof mascara! 

The ingredients are all natural and readable and there are no harsh chemicals or god forbid, Mineral Oil! 

I'm on my second tub of this and although I only use it when I wear make up (and I don't wear make up too often), it has lasted me a good 8 months or so. (It would maybe last 6 months if you wear make up most days) 

I love that this balm retails at just £9 from Boots stores. 
What is your favourite budget cleansing balm? 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pastel Nail Picks 2014

L-R, Models Own Apple Pie, Barry M Rose Hip, Models Own Blueberry Muffin, Barry M Prickly Pear

Models Own Apple Pie
I had a hard time choosing between this and the classic Essie Mint Candy Apple but even though I probably prefer the formula of the Essie polish, the Models Own one is the more green of the two and looks more like a classic mint colour. As I said, I hate the formula, it's really thick and hard to apple but this does mean that it is opaque in two coats and it lasts prettty well on the nails, I just wish the application was better. Far too gloopy! £5

Barry M Rose Hip
This polish is so pretty. When I first saw swatches online, I wasn't sure whether it was aiming to be a dupe for Essie Fiji but it has a lot more pink in it than Fiji does. It's such a good formula for a pale polish and you only need 2 coats. £3:99

Models Own Blueberry Muffin
Again, this polish has an awful thick formula but the colour is beautiful. It's the perfect soft pastel blue. £5

Barry M Prickly Pear
The brightest of the bunch, this was the first Barry M Gelly polishes I ever picked up and I love it! I often find that with Barry M, you need quite a few coats with their paler polishes as they can be a bit patchy or streaky but because this is part of the Gelly Hi Shine range, it is thicker in texture so you only need 2-3 coats to get it opaque and it's not streaky at all! £3:99

All polishes are 2 coats on the nail wheel. What are your Spring nail polish picks?