Saturday 29 March 2014

Changing my diet

For about a year I've been reading about people with M.E, fibro or other illnesses changing their diets/cutting out certain foods and feeling a lot better for it. A lot of you guys in Instagram and Twitter have tried various diets to try and feel better and although a lot of you haven't felt any better for it, I've decided to give it a go. 

It's no secret that eating bad food makes you feel bad so I've decided to drastically change my diet and pretty much just eat fruit and vegetables. I considered going FullyRaw after being inspired by FullyRawKristina but I feel like the diet is very limited and although I will mainly be eating fruits and vegetables, I am allowing myself food that needs to be cooked (not just raw!). I have also read about people eating a very high alkaline diet consisting of mainly green vegetables as no illness/disease can live in a body that is in an alkaline state. I decided this diet was too restricting too and although I feel that the diet I have settled on will restrict me a lot, I am also allowing myself plain meat, fish and things like egg and hummus therefore will be able to get a good sorce of protein. The main aim of this diet change is to cut out processed foods, bad fats and sugars, wheat and gluten and to stick to more natural foods. 

If any of you guys have tried changing your diet to help with ME/Fibro/POTS etc, do let me know what helped and what didn't. If I do feel better for this, I will let you know and you can follow me on twitter and Instagram for updates!  

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  1. Hi Chloe! I'm in Kent too :)
    I cut gluten out of my diet last June, which has helped a lot, then in October went onto the low fodmap diet, which has helped a little with IBS type symptoms. Last week I went to a nutritionist to be tested for intollerences, this revealed a few I was expecting and a lot I wasn't, so just coming to terms with my new restricted diet now! She did give me a plan of meds and suggests a retest in 3 months to see if I have 'fixed' any of the problems.