Saturday 10 March 2012


I was reading my mums Take a Break magazine this afternoon, saw this story and thought I'd share it with you!

'Super Sticks'
"I loved being a teacher and life was always busy. Then I was diagnosed with ME. I had to give up work, and leaving the house was a struggle. When I did, I hated using my dull crutches.
I came across a packet of rhinestones in a drawer and had an idea. I stuck them on my crutches and added glitter. People complimented me on my crutches and it gave me a boost. It got me thinking.
Soon after, a box of crutches was delivered. I painted and varnished them and cover them in crystals. 
Then I set up a company called GlamSticks. Customers came to me, embarrassed to go out with their crutches, and left feeling fashionable and confident. Last year, I won an award for GlamSticks. They've featured in two fashion shows and have been auctioned for charity. I'm proud to be transforming the lives of those with disabilities" 
Debbie Deboo

I thought this was great! Not only do you hardly ever read a story about ME in a magazine but to read a positive story about ME, is just amazing! I think that Debbie is very inspiring and has done really well!! She should be proud of herself! You can follow her on twitter @GlamSticks
Thanks for reading
Love and hugs xxxx


  1. Thank you for this :) xxx

  2. As a GlamStick customer I can really recommend a stick or crutch from Debbie (GlamStick owner).

    The sticks are amazing quality, and using them out and about boosts your self-confidence to amazing levels. Debbie is dedicated and provides personal customer service that is second to none.

    Go Debbie!