Monday 5 March 2012

My first attempt on posting photo's

This is the mug i made for my cousin Shannon, for her 6th Birthday in November :)

This is me and my little brother at the beach, last October. I wasnt too bad then, although i was in a lot of pain, i still managed to go out.

Me, enjoying Legoland, in October last year. Thinking about it now..... I probably over did it in October!! lol i really didint feel well that day, i was in a lot of pain and just wanted to be at home in bed :)
I cant work out how to get this picture up the other way! Never mind! will post some more pictures another day :) i havent actually taken many photo's recently. i guess, you take more in the summer because you go on holidays, have BBQ's and most of our families birthdays are in the summer too!


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