Saturday 1 September 2012

Garden Centre Adventure

Hey guys

On Thursday I went out to a garden centre with my grandparents.

We walked pretty far (too far probably) and so the past couple of days, I've felt really poorly.

I so wish that I'd of taken my purse there because there was lots of lovely things to buy but I just didn't think! There were some really gorgeous fashion scarves, loads of different styles, prints and colours and I really wanted one! Also there were loads of candles, including a Yankee stand and lots of bath goodies like little hand-crafted bath bombs. There were bath bombs shaped like butterflies, like cupcakes, like flowers, there were sparkly ones and loads of different colours! Gorgeous!

There is also a craft shop which I could of spent ages in and lots of different bits and bobs like sweets, books, plants etc!

There was some stationary and a few 'back to school' bits that made me kinda sad because I used to love getting ready for a new school year. I used to love buying new stationary and sharpening my pencils ready, clearing out my pencil case and wearing new shoes in. It's sad that I have to talk about that in the past tense but maybe some day I'll go back to school...


We then drove round for a bit, had some lunch and went home.

I honestly don't think I have walked that far for at least 6 months, probably longer but I was standing up for ages too! I really should of taken my wheelchair, silly me!

Anyway, so I've spent today and yesterday pretty much doing nothing apart from resting. I've felt so ill and had bad payback but I guess that's to be expected and I did have a really good day so it was worth it!

Today my best friend Lucy is round and we were planning on going out someone but I'm not well enough so we're having a chilled day at home.

Hope you are all well. What have you been up to?


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