Thursday 22 November 2012

Is there light at the end of the tunnel??

I don't know about you, but before I got sick with ME, I didn't get ill very often.

Yes, I got the occasional cold and stomach bug in the winter but other than that, I was usually fine!

However, when I did get ill, the one thing that got me through, was the fact that in a couple of days I would be fine!

Kids heal quickly and although I was probably feeling pretty rough at the time, the thought that in 24 hours, my "24 hour vomiting bug" would practically be gone, was enough to get me through and keep me sane.

But when you are a spoonie, you don't know when or even IF you are going to get better. Sometimes it feels as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. And even if there is a light, it may be very dim at the moment and could take years and years to reach.

Not knowing when or if you are going to get better is really hard. Maybe if we all knew how long this was going to last or when they would find a cure, maybe then it would give us something to look forward to or work towards. But in the mean time, we all have this imaginary light. Well, I do, anyway.

I am ploughing through the tunnel, not knowing how long or short it is. We have to work towards the light, towards getting better even though it may not happen.

It's hard to be optimistic all of the time, especially since you can get dragged backwards through the tunnel but to all you spoonies reading this, I promise you will get there.

That is a slightly hypercritical thing for me to say because most of the time, I feel as though the tunnel is never ending. It's very hard not to give up.

But I guess we all just have to try.


  1. Sending you positive thoughts (and a few prayers) that you will soon be well and able to enjoy yourself as the "plan" was supposed to be, Chloe. And your ears must have been ringing a couple of hours ago. While sitting in the kitchen for a couple of hours today, bossing around hubby and daughter for huge preps for our Thanksgiving feast, I happened to tell them what an incredible person you all came about because of the "baby situation." :)
    I do not mean this in a patronizing way, but most sincerely: I have little doubt that if you give your body the rest it needs in order to heal itself, you'll come out of this well. You have a great head on those shoulders of yours. So, go, Chloe, go! Whoops! I mean: So, rest, Chloe, rest! :) But yes, we really could use a cure! xx

  2. Thank you Irene ;) hope you are well