Sunday 3 March 2013

Picture Update: Xmas 2012-Feb 2013

Snow piggie (about 1 month old!)

My little Teddy bear :)

Too cute, i couldnt chose just one picture!

All three together: Snow, Frost and Teddy

The christmas tree!

Me, opening presents on christmas morning. Looking very attractive ;) hehe

More present opening! Can you spy my Olly Murs book?!

Later in the day. Family have arrived, Granny and father in the background!

Me and nan
My baby, rather pleased with her christmas present...

Someone left some paw prints in snow..

Me in the snow

Snowy garden

Daddy pig (Clover) and Teddy in the garden for the first time!

Daisy (mummy pig) and Snow and Frost in the garden for the first time!


  1. Such fun pix, Chloe! And I enjoyed seeing a bit of your life. Thanks for sharing, sweetie! xx