Saturday 1 June 2013

Feeling the happiest I have in a while...

Hey guys

I had a pretty good couple of weeks. And although i know it wont last long, i feel fab and am enjoying it while i can. There is also a little part of me that is convinced that im getting better but how many times have i sat here saying that, eh?

Often when i am really really ill, I feel trapped inside my heavy sick aching body but now I'm feeling a bit better (not 100% but a lot better than normal), it's a great feeling and I almost feel 'free' because I am able to do so much more which excites me so much.

To the 'normal/healthy' person, it wouldn't seem that I am doing a lot but I definitely am making progress and it's really helping me to stay positive and I feel the happiest I have in ages.


  1. I'm feeling like this too! Must be a Chloe thing ;) xx

  2. yes it must! so glad you are feeling okay at the moment. Hope exams are going okay xxx