Sunday 30 November 2014

October/November Favourites and Update

Sorry I didn't manage to do an October favourites so thought I'd combine the last two months together. October was a pretty rubbish month for me, hence why I didn't write a favourites. I have been struggling with M.E, anxiety, not being able to sleep etc and didn't manage to get things done like in September. Some days in October were quite frankly awful and some of the worst days I've ever experienced. I felt partially bad around Halloween and November didn't start much better. As I said my anxiety has been really bad and I've been waking up in the night having panic attacks and struggling to sleep and eat because I am so anxious. It's so hard to know what to do when you've tried everything you can think of and you're exhausted and in pain. M.E and anxiety do not mix. I think I know the reason for my anxiety so I know I will be okay soon but it is still an awful thing to have to go through. 

November has been about the same with lots of panic attacks and struggling to sleep. At the end of the month I had a lot of really bad pain too which I struggled to deal with. If anyone has any tips on coping with pain, let me know. 

One thing that has been helping me is an app called BeatPanic. You do have to pay 69p for it but it honestly works really well when you're having a panic attack and the best way to describe it is as a set of flash cards that appear one after one on the screen with either things to do to help you calm down i.e. Repeating a calming word to yourself or taking deep breaths or reminding you that you are safe and that anxiety cannot hurt you. I'd definitely recommend it if you struggle with anxiety or panic attacks and would be great to use in public because no one would know what you were doing, they'd just think you were looking at your phone - which you are! I've also been using other meditation apps. 

I don't know if this goes alongside how bad I've been feeling but my skin has never ever been this dry. There was a point at the beginning of the month where it was flaking off and crumbling in my hands and the only thing I've found to help that is exfoliating my skin with a physical face scrub and applying argon oil. I've used Argon Oil for a long time in my hair but have never really had the need to use it on my face before now. I've since tried going back to my regular face serum but nothing is cutting it at the moment. 

I've been enjoying reading and have read the whole Confessions of a Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella which I tried to read a few years ago but found super boring. Tried it again and loved it. Couldn't get enough. Also been loving christmas books by Carole Matthews - The Christmas Party and Calling Mrs Christmas. 

I've been out a few times over the past two months but not as much as usual or as I would like. I have been shopping a couple of times but felt quite ill during both times and had to sit down/go back to the car. I've been out for lunch a couple of times too and have been going for a little stroll down our road with my mum every evening which I am really proud of. 

I've managed to write all my Christmas cards but am struggling to get things done in time for Christmas and I'm feeling anxious that I won't be well enough to enjoy it as much as I would like. I forgot how exhausting small things like writing cards can be when you feeling extra poorly. 

Goals for December are:

- Put Christmas Decorations Up
-Bake something 
-Wrap and send presents 
-Go shopping at least once and get eyebrows done before Christmas 
-Get a festive drink from both Starbucks and Costa 
-Enjoy Christmas 

Chloe xxx 

P.S sorry if this is badly written, I didn't want to not post but pain/brain fog are not on my side today. 


  1. I have been struggling with panic attacks too! I have been looking on my iphone but have not seen anything worth downloading.
    I get going out and doing things is hard with anxiety. I struggle myself.
    I hope you meet your goals!

  2. So sorry to hear you've been having such a rotten time lately Chloe. I suffer from anxiety too so really sympathise. That app sounds fantastic for panic attacks, I will definitely go have a look at it.
    Here's hoping this month is a far better one for you and you don't experience as much pain.
    Lots of love