Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Experiencing new symptoms: just some of the new symptoms I have been experiencing recently

Experiencing new symptoms

My eyes hurt. I get an 'onion sensation'. You know when you are cutting up onions and your eyes feel stingy and watery and sore, mine have started to do that randomly, whenever they feel like it. It doesn't happen when I'm watching TV or anything like that, and I can't seen to find a pattern to it.

Brain fog has been pretty bad and I have struggled to read recently so have given up for the time being. I can't concentrate or understand anything.

When people talk to me, it takes me a while to figure out a.) if they are speaking English b.) what they are saying c.) what those words mean and d.) what I am supposed to say back to them. Now, it isn't always this hard to understand what people are saying, now, don't get me wrong, usually I am okay but recently this has been happening more and more often. Words just sound like noises and I'm not sure what each noise is meant to mean.!?

Clothes hurt. Pajama trousers, vest tops, plain cotton long sleeve tops; they hurt. My skin is so sore and every inch of me feels bruised. Loose clothing hurts and it's so bloomin' annoying!

Cold sensation in my head. The blood in my head sometimes feels ice cold and I can feel it moving around and going down into my neck. Now, I'm aware I sound really crazy but that is truly a sensation that I get!

If anyone has experienced any of these symptoms and has found something that helps, please let me know!


  1. Hi Chloe! Sweetie, I think it might be time to go see your doctor to see what he/she think may be going on. Better safe than sorry. The incomprehension and the cold sensation in head, etc, the way you describe it might be a sign that your doc needs to see you. Have you spoken to your parents about this?
    Irene xx

    1. Thank you for your comment Irene, I am trying to book a doctors appointment as soon as possible. It's easier said than done when they are so busy but I should get an appointment next week! I've spoken to my parents about it and they do agree that the feeling in my head is rather strange. We shall see what the doctor says. Have been resting a lot and taking your advice so thank you. Am still trying to read, one of my favourite hobbies! I shall no give up! Fibro/ME will not take that away from me!!