Saturday 27 July 2013

Beauty Wishlist #1

My beauty wishlist #1
1.) China Glaze - Winter Holly - Yes its July, but I've been lusting after this gorgeous green polish for EVER and it would be so perfect for A/W. I haven't seen anything else like it and it just looks gorgeous.
2.) Macadamia Deep Repair Mask - Another product that I've been wanting for a year or more. One day I will bite the bullet and buy it despite the expense!
3.) Mac - "Hue" Lipstick - This is such a classic beauty blogger/Youtuber product and I have totally been sucked in! I really want to find the perfect nude/pale pink lipstick.
4.) Mac 217 brush - Out of all the Mac brushes, this is the one I want the most. I love the Real Techniques brushes and I think their face brushes are absolutely fab but I feel like Mac does eye brushes a little bit better. I don't have any  Mac brushes and will probably never own any, due to how expensive they are. But in my eyes, they are an investment and something I will keep for years. I'm not sure if that justifies the hefty price tag but we'll see....
5.) Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks - I have the classic 107 lipstick which is amazing in the A/W and I love it so much, I want to try some more shades. I have quite big lips (and a big mouth, oops!) and if I wear bright lipstick, I like it to be matte because I think bright+shiny/glossy = a bit too much and my lips end up taking over my whole face!
Image Credit: Katies beauty blog
6.) Slek - Sweet Check blush-by-3 palette - I think this is the product I want the most. I have no idea what to say about it, other than I WANT IT. I have the blush-by-3 'Lace' palette and I love it but I really want this one too! These are such fab quality and so pigmented. I think they are an amazingly priced product for those who cant afford a Nars blush. You literally need the tiniest 'tap' of product and I can tell that my 'Lace' palette is going to last me forever. Another good 'investment'!
What beauty products are on your wishlist?


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