Tuesday 23 July 2013

Lets go shopping!

I went shopping today to Ashford Designer Outlet which is a good 45 minutes or so away from my home. This was a huge achievement, as i'm sure you'll all agree and I walked so so far (I'll probably have payback tomorrow) but for now i'm really proud of myself and pleased with what I have achieved. I was out of the house from about 10am-3pm which is a long time to be constantly doing things. In the car on the way there, I felt awful (like I was gonna pass out, in so much pain, exhausted and just really ill) but I managed not to say anything, and I did end up feeling better after a while.

I got a few bits and pieces which include a bag from Next (outlet) for only £5, 3 books for £5 and I got some Yankee candles for only £1:20 each.

The scents that I got were, Fruit Fusion, Summer Scoop, and Pink Dragon Fruit.

I also got a Vanilla Body Mist from The Body Shop.

I hope you all had a fab day and I look forward to hearing about any achievements you have made recently.

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