Sunday 5 February 2012


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all okay! It started snowing about 8;30pm yesterday evening and carried on, all through the night. There is approx 4 inches out there now, which is quite a lot! At the moment i am not well enough to go out and enjoy the snow properly but i may go out in the back garden for 5 or 10 minutes if i feel up to it, this afternoon.
Okay, so, today i thought I'd do a quick post about blogging. Just to let you know how i blog, why i blog and the format in which i do things. Okay, so, to be honest, i just write. I don't plan ahead, read through, or write out a draft. I think, sometimes that is the best way to do things. If i sat here and planned it all out, worried about grammar etc, then i think it would be boring and would just end up a mess! I honestly just write from the heart and I am sorry if i ramble on sometimes. I have no idea if you guys want to read what i write, or if you'd like me to explain something a bit more, or if you have any questions, please comment or contact me on twitter, @ChloeStickings! I need advice and suggestions! Um...I blog for something to do. To let you guys know what living with ME is like and also to record my process and to raise awarness of ME so that hopefully, people out htere, can see how bad it can be and how much it has changed my life. To be honest, i think my 73 year old nan can go out and do more stuff than i can. She goes shopping into town once a week, looks after my 3 year old cousin at least 4 or 5 times a week. She goes out to visit friends and relatives and has more energy than her 14 year old granddaughter!! Which, really, is not right at all. Things are supposed to be the other way round. Yestetday, i had to get my dad to carry my own handbag because it was too heavy for me. And it takes me at the an hour to write this everyday as i keep having to stop to rest because i am tired, dizzy, in pain or my eyes hurt from looking at the screen.
okay, so, i have rambled on and i have no idea what i have written but yunoe!! Also, i have really bad brain fog, bad memory and bad concentration (one of the symptoms of ME) so i applogise if i repeat myself or dont make much sense! Thanks for reading!
Chloe xxx


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