Tuesday 9 September 2014

My Holiday - Part #4

Friday was our last day - boo! We went back down to Brixham and went on a boat ride to Torquay (and back!)

I don't look happy but I promise you, I did enjoy it! It was just VERY cold! 
(My mum will kill me if she see's this... - oops!) 

The weather wasn't so great, it looks really grey and cloudy! 

Cream tea #2, I remembered to take a picture this time! 
In the afternoon, we went on a Steam Train ride. 

  And that was then end of our holiday! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to. Going out every single day certainly took it's toll on me and my body was not happy at all, it took me a few weeks to recover afterwards but I think I'm finally getting back to 'normal'. 
Chloe xxx


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