Sunday 17 February 2013

Chronically ill - Emotions - DEPRESSION

So, it's that time again. Today we are going to talk about...

DEPRESSION - Some people with these chronic illnesses suffer greatly from depression (maybe I do, maybe I don't. I don't know!) They get even more depressed listening to people saying that they're ill BECAUSE their depressed. It's a circle. Round and round and round.

These PEOPLE are suggesting (okay, not even "suggesting, because lets face it, they are "telling" you that, that is what is happening. When its not!) they're not really ill, only depressed therefore THEY should be able to do something about it. This simply is NOT true.

These illnesses affect the brain and brain function. Some of the medications needed do too. Top that off with how much they've had to give up to remain at the level of health they are at and you can surely see why anyone would be depressed! I mean, what is there to be happy about when there is so much you cant do and you are stuck
In bed all day? Being told your depressed is not encouraging or uplifting either.

Some people also believe that you cannot have a physical and mental illness at the same time. (Especailly if the physical illness is ME, fibro or something invisible) No, it is simply impossible to have anxiety and ME. Of course you can have both! A lot of the time, mental illness is a secondary illness/symptom to/from the physical one. Hope that makes sense.

Medications can help along with making sure to take the best care of yourself that you can like eating well and getting enough rest. For the depression that comes from being sick all the time, unable to function normally, feeling so hopeless, useless and ill.

I try not to be too focused with feeling blue as if somehow that is wrong to feel. But if any of you who are reading this, have a friend or loved one who is chronically ill and depressed to be thrre for them, ask them how they feel, not just physical but emotionally too. Ask how it FEELS to suffer like that. Be supportive and don't stop loving them. Don't try to force them out of it or hate them for it. Just be there and listen.

Have YOU suffered from depression whilst being chronically ill? Let me know and leave me a comment. Hope you are enjoying this series so far.

P.S. I'd just like to point out, I am in no way saying all that needs to be said about each of these emotions, I'm simply writing down my train of thought.

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