Monday, 18 February 2013

Chronically ill - Emotions - GRIEF

Yes, grief. It's a bit of a different one today but hopefully it will make sense. So let's get started!

After the initial shock of being ill comes a time of grieving.

There are loads of loss's that you will encounter. Loss of health, jobs, abilities, money, lifestyle and often friendships and other relationships. It sometimes feels like you are a completely different person and that you have lost a part of yourself.

It's hard to be yourself and express yourself when you feel so ill and have so little energy.

There's a loss of income, loss of enjoyments, hobbies and loss of freedom. Chronic illnesses especially those like these that affect every part of your being cause you to feel like you've lost your old self. With the recognition of those losses comes a time of mourning. Some people experience this briefly, others go through this period for a very long time. Like other illnesses a time of feeling angry follows too. Wanting to fight back. These losses are very real and some are forever.

It's weird to call it "grief" but really, that's what it is!

You have lost so much and it's hard, especially if you got ill very suddenly, and BAM! everything has gone.

Anyway, I guess that's enough for now. I'm so impressed with myself that I have managed to keep up this series, usually I give up or forget after a few posts of a 'series'! Am still going strong, and I'll hopefully see you next time! *waves goodbye!*



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