Friday 15 February 2013

Emotions we experience when chronically ill - ENVY

Next up in this 'Emotions we experience when chronically ill series' is....

ENVY - being envious every so often is normal too. Its not that you want to see family and friends do without too, its more than you wish so badly you could do something and join in with them too. Missing out is really hard and reminds me of what I have lost, I find that sometimes I want to hear all about what my family has been up to, but sometimes I don't, I simply get too jealous or upset.

One other thing I find annoying is when people (I have had a couple of friends and family members say this to me) say that they WISH they could stay in bed all day. They wish they didn't have to go to work or school. I find this really frustrating as I feel that they should be grateful that they are healthy, they should be grateful that they are well enough to do those things. They claim to be envious of me but I think that, after a week or so, they would get bored and change their minds!
Don't know about you all but I want to be healthy! Typically being chronically ill means being chronically poorer than others. (i am lucky that i am young and dont have to pay for food, somewhere to live, bills etc just yet). Sometimes looking around at all the things that would make life a lot easier but we can't afford to buy then seeing it makes us envy the owners and wish that we could afford those things too.

Often people who are ill, have to spend their money on things such as medications, hospital bills and things to help them in their everyday life, whereas healthy people who don't need that stuff, can spend money on clothes, cars and holidays.

Talking of holidays. That is another thing we can become envious of. Often spoonies, aren't well enough to go on holiday or to travel abroad so we do get envious of those who are able to, and who bring back photos to show us, and come back tanned, glowing and full of fab stories.

I could go on and on all day about the stuff we get envious of, when chronically ill, but I think I'll leave it there for now.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you next time! *waves goodbye!*


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