Sunday 31 August 2014

August Favourites

I have two book favourites for August, the first is Past Secrets by Cathy Kelly. This book is about not letting your past define you or keep you from living in the here and now. It is an uplifting, inspiring book with a touch of magic. I'm definitely going to read more from Cathy Kelly.

My second book favourite is The Teashop on the Corner By Milly Johnson. Milly is my favourite author ever and I saved this book to read when I was on holiday. It is about a few very different people who meet and make friends in 'The Teashop on the Corner'. Its funny and sad - one of my favourite books ever!


Beauty-wise I've been loving my Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (I have the waterproof one). It's basically my perfect mascara. It doesn't smudge, it holds a curl all day, separates my lashes really well, doesn't flake, gives me tonnes of volume and length and makes my eyes look bigger and more awake. 

The Maybelline ColourSensational Shine gloss in Cashmere Rose has been my go-to lip product this month, I wore it almost every single day whilst I was away on holiday. It's just a super easy product to use, you don't need a mirror to apply it and it makes your lips look healthy whilst adding a bit if colour without liking fake, too glossy or 'plasticky'. It's not sticky either which is always a bonus. No one wants to be the girl with her hair stuck to her gloss. 

This month finally saw the release of some new Maybelline Baby Lips in the UK - the Neon Baby Lips! *cheers* and I was super lucky to receive one from my lovely friend Hannah, in the shade Strike a Rose (which was the shade I had my eye on anyway - she knows me so well!). The way I've been wearing this is by putting a fairly thin layer on and not building it up to be too glossy but using it as a stain. Doing this creates such a pretty effect and gives your lips a naturally rosy pink tint and you can't really tell there is anything on your lips at all. I feel like the theme to my make up this month has been quite natural and healthy! 

Sidenote: I've just realised how many Maybelline products I've been loving recently. I really wouldn't class Maybelline as one of my favourite brands either! 

On to something by a different brand... I've been loving my Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef. I love wearing coral blush in the summer, I think it looks super pretty and I love the formula of these Revlon ones. They're somewhere between a cream-to-powder and a dewy wet finish and make you look naturally flushed and healthy without looking shiny or sticky like some other cream products. 

On to a body-care favourite, I am a HUGE fan of the Body Shop Body Butters and loved the raspberry scent when they brought it out limited edition 6/7 years ago so as you can imagine, I was thrilled when they brought it back! The scent is amazing and fruity and delicious - a perfect summer scent and really moisturising too.

Nail Polish 

In August, I've only painted my nails 5 times, which for me, is very strange! My favourites however have been Barry M, Elderberry which is a gorgeous blue-grey shade. Perfect for winter (yes, I know it's August) if you don't want something dark too dark. 

Next up is this Miss Sporty polish (which annoyingly doesn't have a name). I love this polish, the brush is lovely and wide which makes it really quick and easy to apply. 2 coats and you've got a beautiful cobalt blue which will last for over a week.

Last but not least is Essie, Pansy. A bright blue-toned pink. It's girly, summer-y and fun. What more can you want? 


I know I mentioned her in my July Favourites but I just HAD to mention her again... EssieButton. More specifically - her vlogs. Estée and Aslan have been travelling for most of August around places like Norway, Sweden and Denmark (just to name a few!) and I have loved watching their adventures SO much! 

I have also really gotten into watching Gabby from VelverGh0st. If im honest, I wasn't sure I would like her at all but I love her beauty videos and her vlogs. She is so similar to me its crazy and oh my god her cat is the cutest thing ever!!

August was quite a busy month for me (I feel like I say that every month!) but I went on holiday and had quite a few days out, trips to the beach and to Dover Castle which required a lot of walking (for me anyway). More posts on all of that soon!

Things I'm looking forward to next month...

I don't really have anything specific planned for next month but I am hoping to go shopping a couple of drives and maybe for a little walk too. I'm not sure when Starbucks bring the Pumpkin Spice Lattes out but when they do, im definitely going to get one! September is probably my second favourite month of the year. Points to whoever can guess my favourite month!

How was your August? Do you have any plans for September?


  1. Hi Chloe! Just discovered your beautiful blog and wanted to say hi. I'm looking forward to seeing your post about Dover Castle. As for your favorite month, I am going to give a wild guess of December? :)

    1. HI Tee! Yes its December! Thank you so much for stopping by! Chloe xx

  2. The achievements is my favoruite section! You've done so well this month, you should be proud of yourself!