Saturday 2 August 2014

July Round Up and Favourites

After seeing my lovely friend Alice's (from Floral Smile) June round up post, i decided to steal her idea and join in the fun too! At the end of each month, I'm going to try and do a monthly round up to tell you about some if the beauty things, nail varnishes and books I've been loving, blogs I've been enjoying, and some of the things I've been doing and the achievements I've made. 


My favourite book that I've read during July has been Me Before You by JoJo Moyles. It is such a good book and a bit different to the chicklit I usually read. It's super sad though, I cried! 


I got the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm for my birthday at the end of June and I have been loving it during July. It is one of those products that you fallin love with the first time you use it! It's honestly the best lip balm I have ever used. I didn't even know a lip balm could be this good! 

I've also been loving the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation again and luckily I've been tanned enough to wear it. I have the shade 100 and the shade 103 which I mix in when I'm a bit more tanned. I've heard that they've added an even lighter shade to the shade range too so I might have to pick that up as well. 

Nail polish

Nail polish faves this month have been Essie Style Hunter... 

Essie Tart Deco

And Models Own Pukka Purple

Food Faves (although this month, it's technically a drink) 

This may be a bit of a weird favourite to have but this month (and for a couple of months previously) I have been loving lemon water. I have a pint every morning and I'm seriously obsessed. It helps with digestion, bloating and loads of things, AND it tastes super good! It's basically just the 

I'm also loving the Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappachino, I'm soooo glad it's back again this year. SO bad but SO good! 

Blogs and Youtubers 

I have been obsessed with HelloOctober, her blog and youtube. Suzie is such a babe and she's gorgeous! I love that she has been vlogging a lot more and I'm super excited to see more of her new flat and how she decorates it. 

Talking of more vlogging, I've loved EssieButton and Zoella's daily vlogs this month. Both girls vlogged through June but I didn't catch up with a lot of them until July. Estée is hilarious and I just love that girl. I'm totally in love with Reggie too. Who knew I was a greyhound person? Certainly not me... I'm converted! 


I have been out quite a lot in July, I went shopping 5 times (I've not been shopping that many times in one month in about 4 years!), went out for lunch for my mums birthday, went to the beach, the dentist and for a few drives around and about. 

Things I'm looking forward to next month...

In August, I'm super excited because I'm going on holiday and getting my haircut which is very exciting! I'm going to Devon for a week and I haven't had my hair cut for nearly 3 years.

How was your July? What things have you been loving lately? 

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  1. Well done to you for getting outing and about. August looks like it will be an exciting month for you, enjoy your holiday!

    Lennae xxx