Thursday 21 August 2014

My Holiday - Part #1

Sorry this post is so late, I've been recovering from the 'doing' of it and was too poorly to write about it. We travellled down on the Saturday and stopped off at Southampton to see my amazing friend Alice. 

Then we carried on driving down to Devon and finally arrived at our caravan after driving for about 10 hours - yawn! I was SO exhausted. 

On the Sunday afternoon we drove down to Torquay. 


We were planning to go to Torquay museum but it was shut as it was a Sunday so for some reason I decided I was desparate to go on the big wheel. It was a super windy day and the little pods were swinging around all over the shop. Not gonna lie, I was pretty scared being 60 metres up in the air but I braved it and survived the ordeal. 

We then had ice cream and I opted for the caramel and fudge flavour. Mmm. And got Fish and Chips to take back to the caravan. 

Holiday adventures... To be continued ... (Wow... The suspense, Chloe....) 






  1. It was so lovely seeing you again! Thank you for popping in on your way :) Xx

    1. I had such an amazing time! thank you for having me! xx

  2. Aww it's so nice that you got to see Alice! Love it when I see spoonie sisters together in real life! <3
    Your holiday looks and sounds so lovely! Devon is such a beautiful place isn't it!