Thursday 19 June 2014

My Week #2

Monday was not such a good day ME-wise, my pain got a lot worse every time I ate something. I felt cold then hot then cold again. I had a headache, felt sick, dizzy and just not good. Glands made an appearance too and were super sore! I managed a little bit of college work but not much. I didn't even manage a shower or bath, kinda gross but true. 

Bright pink nails from the beginning of the week. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I felt a lot worse and began to get bad stomach pain which meant that I didn't eat much or get much college work done. I felt really ill, which was probably the worst I've felt in nearly a year. 

Thursday I felt a little bit better but still didn't manage to sleep much and was feeling very anxious about why I was feeling so ill and why my stomach hurt so bad. 

By Friday I was pretty much okay but still wasn't eating properly and my stomach was sore. I just couldn't put my finger on why I had stomach pains when I hadn't eaten anything different, didn't have an upset stomach or had been sick. 

Saturday I painted my nails with Barry M - Greenberry and had a pretty chilled day. It was pretty hot and did a little bit of college work. Really not a very interesting day. 

I also started a new book, and read it in the garden. 

P.S it's a sad one! 

Sunday I washed my hair and had a shower. We had a BBQ for dinner and chocolate covered strawberries - yum! 


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