Tuesday 24 June 2014

My Week #3

The plan for Monday was to go shopping for my mums birthday present but it didn't go exactly to plan. I got up and ready but suddenly felt like I was going to be sick just before leaving and the stomach pains came back! After about 45 I felt well enough to go and although I still felt really unwell for most of the time we were out, im result glad I decided to go. I took my wheelchair which, not gonna lie, helped SO much! It honestly helped me loads and I'm so glad I took it instead of being stubborn and walking. I can't imagine the amount of pain I would of been in if I had walked - I was in a lot of pain anyway! 

Birthday nails

It was my 17th birthday on Thursday. I had a lovely day at home with my mum and my auntie and nan too, opening presents and drinking tea and eating cake. I would of liked to be well enough to go out but there's always next year.. I'll be 18! 

Birthday goodies! 

On Saturday I was going to go to a charity concert with my family but wasn't well enough to go - boo! 
But luckily I felt a lot better on Sunday because me, my mum, my sister and brother went out for breakfast for my birthday treat! 


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