Saturday 7 June 2014

Revolution Blush Haul

I've always wanted to try a baked blush and all of the Revolution ones look beautiful online. It was so hard to chose and I could easily of bought them all but I finally narrowed them down to two, Bang Bang You're Dead and Loved Me The Best. 

Bang Bang You're Dead is a gorgeous pink with darker pinky-red veining. It leaves a pretty pink sheen on the cheeks and is a great everyday colour. 

Loved Me The Best is darker but when blended out can look natural on the cheeks too. It's a duskier darker pink with more of a red-orange-coral tone - kind of hard to explain! 

Overall, these look great and they're super pretty! I love the finish of them and as they are 'baked' they look sheeny/glowy and natural on the cheeks which is a great compromise between wearing a shimmering blush and a matte one. 


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